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The Industries Plagued by the Most Uncertainty

HBR article plotting demand uncertainty against technology uncertainty. The result is a list of top 10 industries ranked by level of uncertainty. #2 & #3 are Computers, and Computer software respectively. Considering infrastructure and the software that runs infrastructure have become a tent pole for the majority of other businesses, […]

The registration of Russian bloggers has begun

Originally posted on Gigaom:
The Russian telecommunications regulator Roskomnadzor has sent out its first notices to bloggers that it wants on its registry, launched on Friday. According to Izvestia, the first to receive notices include far-left writer Eduard Limonov, satirist Mikhail Zadornov, comedian Mikhail Galustyan, travel photographer Sergey Dolya, blogger…

VMware’s next growth spurt: All about mobile?

Originally posted on Fortune:
In January, VMware [fortune-stock symbol=”VMW”] announced that it would acquire mobile device management provider AirWatch for more than $1.5 billion. The move, decidedly aggressive, signaled a bet that the data center virtualization company’s next wave of massive growth would come on the back of mobility. For Sanjay Poonen, the newish general manager…