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Tech at DisneyWorld

Yesterday was our first day here at DisneyWorld in Florida. As snow falls back home, I’m planning on shorts and a short sleeve shirt for the day. It’s going to be awesome! One thing I’ve noticed almost immediately is the heavy use of technology here at DisneyWorld. When we checked […]

Wow, Google.

I got a brand new shiny Pixel XL when I moved my mobile plan to Telus a couple of weeks ago. I’m impressed with the device so far, but today Google threw me for a loop. I’ve been taking the GO train into the heart of Toronto this week. That’s […]

“The Decoded Company”

“The Decoded Company” There’s a schtick here – Mr. Segal is selling a book. But many IT shops today know they need to make a dramatic change in how they do business. “Managing people by spreadsheets” isn’t going to work anymore. To get to the next level, it’s up to […]