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Chris Saunders

Infrastructure nerd learning to code and be a better human

Tech at DisneyWorld

Yesterday was our first day here at DisneyWorld in Florida. As snow falls back home, I’m planning on shorts and a short sleeve shirt for the day. It’s going to be awesome! One thing I’ve noticed almost immediately is the heavy use of technology here at DisneyWorld. When we checked […]

Wow, Google.

I got a brand new shiny Pixel XL when I moved my mobile plan to Telus a couple of weeks ago. I’m impressed with the device so far, but today Google threw me for a loop. I’ve been taking the GO train into the heart of Toronto this week. That’s […]

Changes in 2015!

I’ve transitioned from my role at VMware to a new role at EMC Corporation. I believe strongly in the portfolio of products VMware has made available for customers, and I’m very excited to have the opportunity to expand the number of conversations I’m able to have with customers to the […]

VxRack announcements at EMC World

I’ve linked below an overview of the VxRack product line and the technical preview launched yesterday on Day 1 of EMC World. Chad does a great job of breaking this down. What I would highlight here is the complexity of the IT landscape. Any conversation based on IT as a […]