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Tech at DisneyWorld

Yesterday was our first day here at DisneyWorld in Florida. As snow falls back home, I’m planning on shorts and a short sleeve shirt for the day. It’s going to be awesome! One thing I’ve noticed almost immediately is the heavy use of technology here at DisneyWorld. When we checked in at the resort, the first thing provided to us was our MagicBands – a bracelet with a High Frequency (HF) radio transmitter and receiver. These bands identify each member of our family as linked to a particular vacation package and payment profile. That allows us to enter and exit our room at the resort, pay for meals anywhere on their resort, enter parks and participate in the experiences here like rides, shows, etc. We visited Magic Kingdom the first day, and on entry our bags were thoroughly searched the old fashioned way (an officer rifled through everything) but before we entered the park the MagicBand was scanned, and then we provided a fingerprint which was added to our profiles. Any time we enter any of the resorts now we must accompany the RFID from our MagicBand with the same fingerprint to enter. Last bit of technology I thought was interesting – as part of our meal plans we get refillable mugs that can be used at the restaurant at our resort. The mugs also have RFID embedded in them, and were linked to our account when we got them. When going to refill the mug, it must be placed on a sensor that reads the tags and validates the mug before the beverage dispensary will function. It’s an impressive use of technology to make the business here more efficient and make the experience “magical”! 

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