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Wow, Google.

I got a brand new shiny Pixel XL when I moved my mobile plan to Telus a couple of weeks ago. I’m impressed with the device so far, but today Google threw me for a loop. I’ve been taking the GO train into the heart of Toronto this week. That’s a little weird for me, because it’s rare I need to be at the same place on a regular schedule. Today was the 3rd day in a row I was taking the train. On my way into station, my phone popped a notification that surprised me. When I was safely parked, I clicked on the notification and was presented with this:


Colour me impressed, Google. Based on my behaviours and search patterns (I don’t have the GO Transit page bookmarked, I just open chrome and search for it) apparently Google knew I would be heading for the train this morning and let me know the schedule. Wow.

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