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Here’s How Nvidia’s New Tegra X1 Stacks Up To The K1 And Apple A8X On Paper

The K1 processor is amazing – the X1 is a step beyond that! I see a convergence of devices approaching! My Surface Pro 3 is a near perfect device for a road warrior like myself – imagine what’s possible with these super computer chips at 20nm!


Nvidia’s new Tegra X1 mobile chipset is a veritable beast: It’s able to provide almost two times the graphics performance of the iPad Air 2’s A8X while also consuming just about the same amount of power, and it’s already in production, meaning tablets sporting the X1’s graphical prowess should be available to consumers in the relatively near future.

The Tegra X1’s benchmarks suggest a future where we’ll see tablets come even closer to approximating the gaming capabilities of full desktop computers. X1 is based on Maxwell, after all, the microacrchitecture used in the most recent GeForce GTX desktop graphics cards, meaning just like the K1 and Kepler before it, X1 makes it easy for developers to use desktop gaming APIs to bring their products to mobile with far fewer intricacies involved.

X1 features a 265-core Maxwell GPU, an 8-core 64-bit ARM CPU and can handle 60fps 4K UHD video playback…

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