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Installing IPython on OSX Yosemite

I was recently introduced to IPython, and got a bit frustrated trying to get notebook running on OSX. The first time I tried with pip, I learned a lot about conflicting dependencies. I kind of managed to get it rolling, but I wasn’t totally confident about how I got there. When I decided to rebuild my laptop with GA Yosemite I thought it’d be a good opportunity to start from scratch and document the path to a functional IPython Notebook environment!

IPython is a very interesting open source project for “interactive computing”. I’m not sure how best to describe what it does. It’s a browser based notebook that supports text, code, mathematical expresssions and more!¬†Read more about IPython here:¬†

From stock Yosemite:

  • install Python 3.4 from
  • download from

from terminal:

sudo pip3 install ipython
sudo pip3 install "ipython[notebook]"
sudo pip3 install pyzmq
sudo pip3 install jinja2
sudo pip3 install tornado
ipython notebook

This should start the server process and open a new browser. Enjoy!

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