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Sandstorm’s decentralized hosting platform could finally make indie web apps viable

This is really interesting. A decentralized hosting platform with framework for inter-app communication. Government regulatory organizations will see increased turnover rates in the coming years I think. Imagine trying to regulate or audit a business that runs on a completely decentralized platform.


“You’ll need to run your own server” – words to send most normal people fleeing for the exit. While running your own server isn’t quite brain surgery, it’s hardly a no-brainer, requiring technical expertise and considerations ranging from security patches to the maintenance of constant power and connectivity.

This is a big issue in the so-called indieweb scene and the associated decentralization movement, which is trying to give people more control over their data than they get today with centralized web services like Facebook(s fb) and Google(s goog). It’s all very well to come up with cool new open-source federated apps that give you more freedom than the corporate monoliths do, but that approach is never going to work when the apps are a pain to run.

Which is why Sandstorm, a new “personal cloud platform” that’s currently crowdfunding, is so very exciting. You don’t need to…

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