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Palantir: big data needs to get even more abstract(ions)

I enjoyed watching the video here – great context of modern compute, and overview of Palantir’s approach to next gen big data.


The modern computing era didn’t really start to take off until we figured out how to make operating systems that could remove a lot of the manual labor required to program early computers. According to Ari Gesher of Palantir Technologies, it’s time for a similar breakthrough in data to become more widely used.

Speaking at Structure Data Thursday, Gesher took attendees on a bit of a computer history lesson, recalling how computers once required their users to manually reconfigure the machine each time they wanted to run a new program. This took a fair amount of time and effort: “if you wanted to use a computer to solve a problem, most of the effort went into organizing the pieces of hardware instead of doing what you wanted to do.”

Operating systems brought “abstraction,” or a way to separate the busy work from the higher-level duties assigned to the computer. This…

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