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Want to beat Amazon in the cloud? Here are 5 tips (hint: none are cost)


It’s been a little over seven years since AWS launched S3 and EC2. Back then it was exciting to spin up servers in just a few minutes without signing long-term contracts. But fast-forward to 2014: there are dozens of IaaS providers offering similar capabilities. The selling points — like self-service, zero CAPEX and elasticity — that once made the cloud look exciting are not as appealing anymore, and they are no longer the differentiating factors. In the current context, selling cloud for its self-service capabilities is similar to Microsoft trying to sell the latest version of Windows only for its graphical interface. Both have become commodities with the customers taking those features for granted.

So, how do new IaaS providers entering the market compete better with AWS, which is an undisputed market leader? Here are 5 tips to beat AWS on its own turf.

1. Keep it simple, stupid. AWS…

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