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“The Decoded Company”

“The Decoded Company”

There’s a schtick here – Mr. Segal is selling a book. But many IT shops today know they need to make a dramatic change in how they do business. “Managing people by spreadsheets” isn’t going to work anymore. To get to the next level, it’s up to the leadership team to build a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Enterprise IT shops adopting ITaaS business models will need to compete with Silicon Valley and local startups for tech talent. There are perks to working in a large organization to be sure. For high performers, the culture and the work environment will be the deciding factor. That doesn’t mean simply adding a fancy espresso machine and an arcade machine to the cafeteria. You’ll need to flatten your org structure, change your performance management strategy, revamp your compensation models, and rebuild your workspace technology stack.

The options for transition are boundless. Build a new team inside of a local tech incubator, so your teams learn by osmosis and attract talent organically. Sequester current people into a tiger team structured the way you need for a new IaaS or PaaS environment. Start with a new performance management strategy and raise the bar across the organization! It’s not easy, but one thing is for certain – the top technology talent is not looking for just a paycheck. They are looking for a team of A-players to work with, workspace technologies that are comfortable for them, and an environment that allows them to do their best work.

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