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It’s started: Microsoft reassigns Julie Larson-Green

For the sake of the employees at Microsoft, I hope this will be the last shake-up for awhile!


It’s been a few weeks since Microsoft(s msft) named Satya Nadella as its new CEO. Now the reverbs are starting. Julie Larson-Green has a new job, chief experience officer, which is a demotion. In the big “One Microsoft” reorg last summer, Larson-Green was heading up all Microsoft hardware efforts — including Xbox and Surface. She reported to then CEO Steve Ballmer.

In Larson-Green’s new role, according to the Wall Street Journal (registration required), she will report to Qi Lu, who is in charge of engineering for applications — including cash cow Office –and services. Stephen Elop, a contender for the CEO job, now leads devices.

This is likely the first of many changes as Nadella puts his own stamp on the company. Some speculate that among changes to come will be the departure of former Bill and Hillary Clinton advisor Mark Penn. Penn is credited — if that’s the…

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