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Finding pi: Enterprises must dump their legacy ideas and search for radical innovation

Nice post about the radical innovation required in IT. Nirav Shaw from Tata Communications suggests building a hybrid cloud environment would be akin to ascending Mount Everest for most IT shops. I think there are some valid points here. This will sound self-serving (I work for VMware) but this is why VMware’s approach to hybrid cloud makes sense. Take your current tools and processes and extend into the VMware public cloud, rather than build brand new processes and architect new technology stacks.
Solution discussions aside, the salient point here should be that IT *must* change.


Radical innovation has historically overcome barriers to scientific progress. For example, the discovery of pi as a numerical concept found application in mathematics, physics, signal and image processing, genomics and across domains. Similarly, the internet unleashed innovation across industries. Today, the computing world stands at a point where “pi”-like innovations can unlock quantum value.

The disproportionate dichotomy

Enterprises spend $2.7 trillion on technology related products. More than 95 percent of that spend is driven by desktop or laptop related applications, services, networking and data center infrastructure for employees, partners and customers.

Amongst enterprises, there is an installed base of 700 million personal computers, while smartphones and tablets form an installed base of 400 million mobile computing units. While mobile computing units constitute 36 percent of devices, less than 5 percent of enterprise dollars are focused on the mobile device base highlighting a disproportionate dichotomy.


New sales of mobile computing devices…

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