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Gartner: 2.5B PCs, Tablets And Mobiles Will Be Shipped In 2014, 1.1B Of Them On Android

Gartner forecasts continued erosion of the PC market through growth in “ultramobiles” – phones and tablets mainly running Android.


As the worlds of communication and technology increasingly become mobile-first, the traditional desktop PC continues to go the way of the dodo bird. The analysts at Gartner are today publishing their annual devices forecast, and they project 2014 to be another banner year for mobile — and its biggest player, Android. There will be 2.5 billion PCs, tablets and mobile handsets shipped this year. Of those, 1.9 billion will be mobile handsets, and 1.1 billion devices will be Android-based. Meanwhile, shipments of “ultramobiles” (tablets of all sizes) will for the first time this year outnumber those of PCs.

While PC shipments will decline 278 million units in 2014, ultramobiles — Gartner’s preferred term for those devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Note but also tablets — will rise to break the 300 million unit mark (combining tablet shipments of 263 million and shipments of “other ultramobiles” of 40 million units).

Overall, the 2.5 billion…

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