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How To Hire More Engineers In Less Time

Nice approximation of time to hire good talent. I’d suggest this is total effort – in a large enterprise there are a number of resources involved in a hire.


Editor’s note:Bryan Schreier is a partner at Sequoia focusing on consumer and enterprise companies. He represents Sequoia on the boards of Dropbox, Hearsay Social, Inkling, Qualtrics, Thumbtack and TuneIn among others. Follow him on Twitter @schreier.

Got 990 free hours?

Not likely. Yet that’s how long it takes the typical startup to hire 12 engineers. Even if you spread your hiring over the course of a year, you’ll need to spend more than 19 hours a week recruiting candidates to hit that target.

A shortage of engineers is the biggest challenge facing Silicon Valley startups today. Hiring is what enables you to execute your product roadmap. So, falling behind on recruiting is a competitive issue.

Yet many fast-growing startups resist hiring a recruiter. It makes sense to rely on your network of contacts for the first handful of developers. But at Sequoia, we think that once you have…

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