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What Is VMware Up To With OpenStack?

A view from outside of VMware on VMware participation in OpenStack

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As a former vSphere and now OpenStack Architect, I’ve been following with much interest the courtship ritual that VMware has been performing with the OpenStack project.  Dan Wendlandt and the entire OpenStack Team at VMware has been busy courting the OpenStack community at various venues, including the recent OpenStack Summit.  For the Grizzly release, VMware began contributing code to integrate vSphere with OpenStack; the code contribution has steadily increased both in quantity and in scope moving into Havana and continuing into the upcoming Icehouse release.

I’ve been writing about some of the work that VMware has done to integrate vSphere with OpenStack compute and their VMDK format with OpenStack block storage.  This has allowed me to participate in a number of conversations about VMware’s commitment to OpenStack and what is their end-game may be in all of this.  After all, VMware has not historically being a stalwart in…

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