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Workout App Fitstar Gets An Overhaul As It Shows Promising Paid Sign-Up Metrics

I just installed this app on my iPad. On paper this makes total sense to me – make my tablet my fitness coach


The app may be killing the workout video star.

Fitstar, a Google Ventures-backed company that’s trying to make personalized fitness a reality on tablets, just released an overhauled tablet app and is bringing their work to a much larger audience through a new iPhone version.

Earlier this year, the company teamed up with NFL Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez to create a workout app with personalized routines. These programs didn’t need any specialized equipment and could be done inside someone’s home or on the road.

Now that they’ve gotten some preliminary data and some promising stats on sign-ups, with a 10 percent conversion to paid subscriptions, they’ve made some touch-ups. Those include a new design for iOS 7, and more explanations and animations so that users can pick up moves easily.

In the new version of Fitstar, there’s now an opening video. Then users go right into…

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